The St. John the Theologian & Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Churches have decided to come together to form a Regional Young Adult Ministry. This young adult league or YAL serves adults aged 18-35 in the St. John the Theologian and Assumption of the Virgin Mary parishes.

The mission of this young adult ministry is to cultivate and educate our young adults, leading them to a deeper spiritual friendship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Christ is called in Greek the Φιλάνθρωπος, the friend of man); by utilizing four corners of the Orthodox Christian Faith: Worship (Liturgia), Fellowship (Koinonia), Service (Diakonia), and Witness (Martyria), young adults are integrated into the life and worship of the Church enabling them to become active members of the Body of Christ.

There are no requirements to be a participant of this ministry.

In our group chat, we will discuss our goals and plan the first activity. You are not required to attend all or any of the meetings/activities. Some potential activities include attending discussion groups, fellowship gatherings, or learning more about our faith from our parish priests (learning about hymns, vestments, icons, etc)

We look forward to planning our first event and bringing the young adults of Clear Lake and Galveston together to grow in our fellowship and faith! 
If you have any questions please e-mail either Church for more information.
Downloadable Forms: Young Adult League